The Preferred Plan For Home Health Care

Adam Canfield, RN, BSN is the Owner/Director of CareAtHome Preferred. Adam has prior nursing experience in critical care management of patients.

CareAtHome Preferred recruits highly qualified, energetic and caring individuals to provide excellence in the services we provide, and together as a team we work to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients and their families.

CareAtHome Preferred assists individuals by providing medical and non-medical care in the comfort of their home. It’s ordered and coordinated by your physician and is a licensed Medicare-certified support service program.

How Do I Know If I Need Home Health Care

Home Health Care refers to home care that involves more skilled, medical assistance and is provided by CareAtHome Preferred.

Home health provides limited medical support covered by insurance. This includes nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, aides and social work. A doctor’s order is required for home health to begin and certain criteria must be met. People who can benefit from home health may need help managing a chronic medical condition or they may need help recovering from hospitalization, injury or illness.

If admitted to the hospital, we encourage you to speak to your nurse or discharge coordinator and let them know that you would like to have CareAtHome Preferred provide your in-home care. Those who have Medicare as their primary insurance must have an in-person appointment in order for home health care services to be covered.

If you think you may need home health care, please contract us for more information at 412-967-1111.

We understand the difficulties that come later on in life. Let our professionals assist and care for those who are experiencing the effects of old age. The services are personalized to each client and ensure they are living the fullest and healthiest life.

It’s important to maintain muscle strength and combat arthritis, osteoporosis and joint soreness. The caring and compassionate therapists at CareAtHome Preferred work with clients with appropriate activities and exercises. Whether you are recovering from an injury or trying to build up strength, we will help you achieve and retain physical health.

in-home occupational therapy, Pittsburgh, PA
Activities of daily living are important to us all. While under our Home Health services, our occupational therapists will identify and address any deficits according to the client’s individual routines. This may include: medical equipment need, family/caregiver training, functional exercises to optimize your independence at home.

CareAtHome Preferred is there for you at times when you cannot leave your home. Our compassionate and qualified professionals will come to your home and complete daily tasks like bathing and cleaning. We are proud to provide you with the comfort and care you deserve.

A main portion of the CareAtHome Preferred program is coordinating with clients’ physicians and other health care providers. This partnership ensures clients receive the appropriate treatment plan and medication they deserve. Our highly skilled nursing professionals will organize and manage of all of your medications so you stay on track.

Our nurses are certified and motivated to give support and care to those in need of assistance. We listen to our clients and provide a safe environment while maintaining the highest standard of skills.

Speech can be negatively impacted during the natural aging process. Our trained speech therapists and pathologists focus on your speech, language and voice so you can communicate more effectively to people around you. Treatment will be decided upon after a complete assessment of your needs and communication capabilities.

Our trained social worker will perform an assessment of the social and emotional factors related to the clients’ illness, the need for care, their response to treatment, adjustment to care, and the relationship of the medical and nursing requirements to the home situation. They will also be able to provide financial and/or community resources that may be available.

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